Article 1 :

The Marrakech International Marathon is held annually on the last Sunday of January.

Article 2 :

The course of 42 Km195m for the Marathon and 21km97, 5m for the Half Marathon are consistent with the International Regulations for road races and are approved by the IAAF and FRMA.

Article 3 :

Marathon and Half Marathon are open to athletes Men and Women licensed or not (15 and over for the Half Marathon and 17 and over for the Marathon). The Organization maintains liability covering the members of the organization, all participants in the Marathon and Half Marathon and volunteers.

Article 4 :

Participation rights are arrested each year for the Marathon and Half Marathon. The facilities are granted to Moroccan athletes and licensees FRMA. Foreign residents receive a discount defined annually.

Article 5 :

The positions of sponging and supplies are arranged according to IAAF regulations Water. mineral is distributed to filling stations .

Article 6 :

The first 3 in each event will receive cuts, in addition to the "prize money" for the first 10 men and women (Marathon) and the first 5 men and women (Semi- marathon).

Article 7 :

The start and finish take place at Avenue Prince Moulay Rachid (Ex - Avenue Menara) behind the Sofitel Hotel at 150 m of the water jet.

Article 8 :

The time limit for the marathon is 5 hours 30 minutes.

Article 9 :

The organizing committee ensures the safety of the course and medical coverage during the tests. He is responsible point in case of health accident.

Article 10 :

There will be no classification by age category except for veterans whose age is above 50 years for men and 45 for ladies.

Article 11 :

Each runner expressly authorizes the Marathon organizers and their beneficiaries, such as partners and media to use pictures taken during its participation and all media on which, the person may appear, for a unlimited period.